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The old city as an open air museum is within the walking distance of 5-10 minutes from the hostel.

There is a possibility to book individual or group tours of various durations and routes around the city offered by the tourism agencies at the hostel. We can also order group tours by bus to the country parks, regional museums, palaces, including the palace of Rundale that is a wonderful monument of architecture built by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli with a large garden of roses. (

Due to our central location there are night clubs, bars, cafes, casinos, various museums, theatres and concert halls you can reach on foot because any of your selected objects of interest is within the walking distance of 5-20 minutes from our hostel.


 Rich Zemgale always has been a desirably place. You too can desire it and get a bit of it. Hopefully breakfast in one of most interesting places of Latvian countryside in an architectural masterpiece will stay in good memory. But Bauskas beer is already famous not only in Latvia. As proof of that there are awards in Russia, the Czech Republic and Latvia. Rundale Palace is one of most outstanding baroque and rococo art monuments in Latvia. It was built from 1736 to 1740 as a summer residence of Ernst Johann von Biron, the Duke of Courland.


  • "Milky Way" at biological farm „Geidas"
  • Baking of "Lāču" bread at historical bakery in cinema village „Cinevilla"
  • Gardens of Pūre
  • Degustation of the Baltic Sea fishes at café „Būda"
  • Fish market

 Also not so far away from Riga you can get real countryside delicatessen. Not only for kids it will be interesting to see how works the earthly "Milky Way". Here quality is everywhere: starting with the clean earth where grass is growing and then the cow eats the grass, to the processing of milk and production of it according to highest ecological standards. „Cinevilla" is not only a retrospection of filming location for historical drama "Rīgas sargi" (Defenders of Riga), but also it has become a real entertainment and pleasure center. Juices, jams, jellies, sweets and other delicious things you can try and buy at Pūre. People in fishermen villages of the Gulf of Riga already long ago have made food not only for simple „Baltic herring eaters", but also for the elegant residents of our capital and holidaymakers of Jūrmala.


  • Rideļu Mill
  • Lake Engure Nature Park, Orchid Path
  • Meeting with fishermen in Roja
  • Delicatessen at Dundaga Dairy
  • Slītere lighthouse and steep seacoast Nature Park
  • Lunch in Kolka (in traditions of the Livs)
  • Relaxation in the Cape of Kolka

 Two days full of gastronomic experience. Excellent relaxation visiting villages at seaside: Mērsrags, Engure, Roja, Kolka and wandering the nature paths at Engure and Slītere. Opportunity to try traditional food of the Livs and the Cours (Couronians): fishes, special porridge (bukstiņputra), traditional pie (žogu rauši/ sklandu rauši), dried cheese (knapsieriņi) and ecological delicatessen from local biological farms.


  • Famous milk-based candies "Gotiņa" from Skrīveri
  • Selonian dwelling in Jēkabpils
  • Visit to Ostrich Farm
  • Tasty folklore evening in Piedruja
  • Museum of Bread in Aglona and tea in farm „Kurmīši"
  • Seven Daugava Bends
  • Old-believer village in Slutišķi

 Learning traditions of Sēlija and Latgale. Since time immemorial children of many nationalities have lived in Latgale and that explains the variety and paradoxes of the Latgallian cuisine. Visit to the most beautiful places of River Daugava that are depicted on the banknotes of our national currency. But to learn the hospitality of Latgallians you have to try a glass of home-brewed vodka (chmakovka), and then through jokes and songs you will discover the real soul of the nation.



  • Breakfast in Museum of Weddings
  • Bread baking at Vēršu  (ox) hill
  • Walk in the Kangaru and Balkanu hills
  • A visit and degustation at hunters house „Majami"
  • Rafting in Balvu Lake
  • "Treasures" at „Saipetnieki" (a collection of historical objects)
  • Deer farm „Mežsētas"

 It turns out that the last „čangaļi" (slang - Latgallians) don't live so badly actually, some of them might live even better than gentlemen in Riga. Why do we need that Pilatova? - that's what locals say - We won't get Abrene back as it was anyway! Obstinacy and pride is what characterizes people around here. Ecological farms, delicious food and proper drinks, faith and love, plenty of songs and jokes about „čiuļi" (sl. Latvians).


    • land of healing herbs
    • Brenguļu beer (unfiltered and unpasteurized) for lunch
    • Everything about hemp - entirely legal
    • Handicraft, art and relaxation at Ķoņu Mill
    • Rūjiena ice-cream and „iron men"
    • Human-museum in Naukšēni and workshop of coffins
    • Gourmand Dinner at Dikļi Palace (reservation in advance)


People in Northern Vidzeme do great and various things - some keep ostriches or chinchilla, others grow shiitake or enormous pumpkins. Brew beer and make ice-cream. Bake bread, make butter and squeeze oil. Fish in Burtnieku Lake and keep horses for world champions. Many craftsman and artists are here as well. They tease wool, sew blankets, make cast iron and wrought iron, make pots and coffins. Here is also the most famous Latvian Music and Dance Center - Naukšēnu disco.

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